Colin Cowherd: Cowboys Offense is Predicated on 'Garbage Time' Stats

Colin Cowherd: “Do you know what the Dallas Cowboys offense is? It’s a political ad. They’re very ‘slick’ and they always make the candidate look the best. But it’s really more marketing than it is truth. Political ads aren’t really truthful, it’s just promises, hope, and it’s slick and clever. Dallas’ offense is a political ad. It’s slick, and it’s gets a lot of ‘STATS’, we all think it’s good, but let’s be honest about it. They either score too early or never enough late. They’re like a hollow political ad on offense. They’re an 8-8 team who beat one playoff team last year, and again this year I see the exact same thing.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys are practically the same exact team as they were last year, masquerading as a playoff contender when really they’re just a talented 8-8 team putting up ‘gaudy’ offensive stats in the form of hollow numbers in ‘garbage time.’

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Cowboys' offense is like a political ad – slick, clever, and full of promises, but one that is empty and untruthful.

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