Florida Man Clings To Hood Of Big Rig For Nine Miles On The Highway

A Florida man is being evaluated at the hospital after he jumped onto the hood of a semi-truck on I-95. The driver of the big rig, Edward Hughes, told TMZ he saw the man running onto the highway waving his arms and screaming for help. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said that before the man tried to flag down the truck, he was driving a Toyota SUV on the southbound side of the highway. A passenger in the vehicle told authorities he started acting erratically and stopped in the middle of an exit ramp. He got out of the SUV and ran onto the other side of the highway.

That's when Hughes saw the man and pulled over to help. As Hughes came to a stop, the man jumped onto the hood of his truck and started bashing the windshield with his bare hands. Hughes panicked and accelerated, trying to shake the man off. Hughes swerved between lanes and jerked the steering wheel back and forth, but the man was able to maintain his grip. 

After nine miles, Florida State Troopers arrived, and Hughes pulled over. They detained the man and took him to a local hospital. Authorities have not said why the man jumped onto the hood of the truck.

Officials did not say if they plan to press charges against the man or the driver of the semi-truck.

Other motorists captured video of the terrifying scene as it unfolded.